Writing this, I have only had interactions (in real life) twice with huskies.

The first time, I was in February 2009 (I was 16) and this beautiful Siberian Husky was visiting Huka Falls.

It was rather hot and the temperature of the ground was astonishing! Poor thing had to keep lifting his paws to stop the burning – we were doing the same! But the kind couple let us have a photo with their gorgeous husky.


And now, it is currently one day after meeting 3 gorgeous huskies and 2 malamutes! After getting in touch with a couple of siberian husky clubs, through a ‘homestay’-mate, I discovered the Ridge Runner Sled Dog Racing Club. Hallelujah! I sent an email through and discovered they do runs every Wednesday in Palmerston North and are out training or competing most weekends. I was invited to come this Wednesday and had the time of my life. Rapidly accepted by three excited huskies, I made friends with Kaya, Nanuk and Mya especially after giving them a few treats each.

I wore a thermal top and trackpants to this visit – clever, I think so! Because now I have sufficient husky fur to make framing these articles of clothing fully worthwhile! Never have kisses been more appreciated than from these three dogs!

I got to take Kaya for a bike – previously paralysed but has now recovered sufficiently that she can run but not pull. She is a gorgeous light grey 6 year old who kindly took me for my first experience of husky exercise. We followed Gaby on the scooter with Nanuk and Mya.

Kaya and I came back early due to not wanting to over do her exercise and risk affecting her recovery and relaxed! Took a photo of her however being dark, using my iPhone and her checking whether anyone else was home yet – it isn’t very good!


It was awesome to meet lots of new people and dogs including Reno – an absolutely giant malamute and Stellar – a young malamute.

Very much looking forward to Sunday morning where I will get to see these guys out in action (and will also signal that the Ag Production and Animal Production assignments have been handed in!).

First write complete! Now to finish these assignments………


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